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Ottoman Imperial Archives

The project's second database is extracted from Ottoman-Turkish sources, housed in Ottoman Imperial Archives in Istanbul. This second set contains around 5,000 documents, including letters between Ali Pasha and members of the central administration, a number of fiscal documents concerning the financial and administrative deals between Ali Pasha and the Ottoman bureaucracy; various memoranda; complaints about or declarations of support for Ali Pasha by the local communities. The largest portion of this data set includes hundreds of documents prepared to seize, confiscate, and auction off the assets that Ali Pasha owned or controlled after his death.  In fact, the local archives, which are heavily in Greek, and the imperial archives in Ottoman-Turkish complement each other. Taken together, these archives allow us to examine the multi-layered structure - with local, regional, imperial, trans-imperial layers - of the Epirus order. 

An excerpt from the database for Ottoman-Turkish sources housed in the Ottoman Archives (BOA) in Istanbul.

Ottoman Archives (BOA): HAT 15616: A document, dated 1800, related to the meeting at the Imperial Divan, where Ali Pasha's status as possible governor of entire Rumelia province was deliberated. The proposal was not accepted by the members of the Divan. Selim III approved the Divan's decision.