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The Ali Pasha Archive, 1747-1821

Alip asha Archives

The point of departure of MapOE is the Ali Pasha Archive. This is a published collection of documents, housed in the Gennadius Library Archives in Athens, composed of correspondence with various functionaries and communities in Ali Pasha's area of control or in various centers of imperial authority, as well as number of debt and credit contracts and agreements between Ali Pasha's scribal bureau and individuals and communities. Though partial and not necessarily systematic, this particular collection is composed of almost 1,500 documents written in a linguistic medley based on Greek, but that also employing Greek script for formulaic Ottoman-Turkish, Persian and Arabic phrases and long honorific salutations, alongside Albanian, Vlach, French and Italian words.

Ali Pasha until his death in 1822 had created a large network of correspondence through the ottoman provinces until the ottoman centre in Istanbul. The Greek Archive of Ali Pasha of the Gennadios Library consists of almost 1500 documents derived from the secretary of AP at the centre of his power at Ioannina. The archive has been transliterated and published by the Institute of Neohellenic Studies of the National Institution of Research and houses the correspondence of Ali Pasha with different communities, with his associates and also with ottoman officials. The content of the documents is usually related to fiscal, financial and military topics.




1. Examination

The examination of each document is being operated through the transliteration of each document which is published on each volume, but also by examining the information provided by the editors of the volumes in a small summary right before each transliteration.

2. Categorization

The research aims at the categorization of each document in a spreadsheet. So far the categories of the database are forty eight:





Related to


Classified as in AAP

Start Date

End Date





Date Qualifier


Relationship of Author/Signatory to AP (Ali Pasa) at the Time


Place From Extracted Clean

Match Extracted Place

Place Qualifier

Place From

Match Extracted Place

Place To

Match Extracted Place

Places Connected to Document according to Index (does not include Ioannina and Istanbul)

Main Person/Collectivity Concerned

Main Person Office/Function/Role at the Time

Main Person/Collectivity relationship to AP

Place Concerned

Place Relationship to AP at the Time





Nature of Complaint

Complaint Against

Attitude Towards AP

Provision of Information

AP‘s Attitude



Interest%, Annual



Military/Security Operations





3. Synchronization and Elaboration

The categorization is synchronized with the database of ottoman documents concerning Ali Pasha and also the place names are synchronized with the place names of the Gazetteer.

4. Data visualization

The data table will be analyzed by Tableau software. The key points of the data (especially the people and topics) will be explored. Plus, deeper questions will be developed and answered with further analysis.

5. Mapping

The spatial data in the table will analyzed by Tableau and ArcGIS software. Relevant maps are created in order to understand the geographical basis of the analytical relations.

6. Interpretation

First, textual interpretation of graphs, charts and maps will be provided.

7. Comparison

The information gathered from the database will be compared to the findings from the database of Ali Pasha that is based on Ottoman documents.

Relational Database 1

*Relational Database


Relational Database II


*Relational Database




Below is an agreement (şart) dated 1810 between community of the Kolonia district and Ali Pasha. The community leaders declare their support to Ali Pasha and promise to be his allies against his enemies. The document is probably related to the employment of forces by Ali Pasha during the war at Berat and the campaign at the Danube. It is signed by various representatives from various villages of the Kolonia district.

                                         Ali Pasha Document

                                   Ali Pasha Book 1

                                                                     Ali Pasha Book 2